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Comics, animation, and gaming have the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and much more. We create visual storytelling that deliver key facts and an emotional connection in a fun, highly memorable way.

We are Lion Forge Labs.

Our Process in Animation

Here’s a quick guide that covers Lion Forge Labs process in animation and the expectations for each phase. There are seven steps in our animation process, so let’s jump in:

1) Briefing and Story Planning.
Together we ask a lot of questions, listen and understand you’re your story for your project. We identity the “whys” behind your brand. Together we will define key objectives and goals as well as the tone of story you wish to convey. In conjunction, we identify our audience, the deliverables, deadlines and budget information. These key items will play an important level to your script and mood boards.

2) Scripting and storytelling.
Your story is brought to life using the power of words. Using our network of professional TV and animation writers we collaborate with you to form your story and craft your messaging. You’ll always have control of your story, as this is your first major sign-off in pre-production.


3) Treatment and Visualization.
This is where your story is visualized. Lion Forge Labs provides you a mood board parallel to your brand guidelines on what your animation will look like. This showcases not only the design of the animation, but the character style as an example on how the video will look. This is the Ah-ha moment, from here, your story and vision could come together, making an authentic narrative.

Animation Expression Sheet

Barry Crain Voice OVer

4) Voice over.
We find the perfect voice to present your brand story to the world. Whether you need help finding and ideal voice or if you have someone in mind, our team has the capabilities to promote and organic approach to any animation.

5) Animation and Story Creation.
Empowered with a story plan, characters, and script, your team should have signed off on all the above items at this point. This is where our team brings your life to your vision. Sometimes, animation can take several weeks to complete depending on duration of script.


Delta Dental Audio

6) Audio and Compositing.
This is where our team incorporates any sound effects or music that is pre-determined is now composited in.

7) Sign off and Story Delivery.
With your sign off, we deliver your animation with the knowledge we’ve provided a great product that represents your brand. So you can sit back and relax.

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