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Comics, animation, and gaming have the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and much more. We create visual storytelling that deliver key facts and an emotional connection in a fun, highly memorable way.

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Stifel Bank

The Challenge

Communicate the Unfamiliar

Stifel Bank and United Way of Greater St. Louis challenged Lion Forge Labs to help them refresh their financial capabilities program. Lion Forge Labs was tasked with creating an educational focused story with a uniquely-designed world that highlighted the importance of money management. Labs provided tools that help families encourage kids to learn basic financial skills and blended St. Louis attractions in a way that made the city residents explore their home town.


Breathing New Life into the Program

Breathing new life into the program, Lion Forge Labs built character extensions in an on-going series featuring Stifel’s mascot, Budget Bunny. Using comics, activity books, and a program explainer video, these tools engage children ages 3-12 in a fun and memorable way that emphasizes basic financial skills.

In the story, there is no limit to what Budget Bunny can do! The story follows Budget Bunny and friends- Dusty, Tito, and Penny as they create a lemonade stand while teaching them skills like spending, saving and sharing.

Stifel Budget Bunny United Way

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Stifel Budget Bunny

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