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Trash Bash

Greenway Network

The Challenge

Repositioning of Volunteerism

The Greenway Network is a nonprofit organization that encourages conservation of natural resources, and particularly watersheds. They sponsor a variety of events, such as the Confluence Trash Bash annually.

Greenway Network works with middle schools to recruit student volunteers for their events, along with community families and adults in general. They needed engaging materials that explained the benefit of the event and positioned volunteering as fun and rewarding.


Comics for Communication

We created an animated explainer video and comic featuring Jayden and Cloe, two friends with very different opinions. Cloe is really concerned about a clean environment, but Jayden is less than enthused.

Cloe convinces her friend to join her at the river for the annual Trash Bash event, where they are joined by a talking bear, fish, and raccoon who help explain why cleaning up our rivers and streams are so important.



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Work With Us

Final Thoughts

Client Testimonial

“The entire process was fantastic. The support from the staff was phenomenal particularly since they were able to cope with working with a committee while also under a deadline. Many thanks for all the help!”

– Charlene M.Waggoner, Ph.D., President of Greenway Network

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