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Land of


Delta Dental

The Challenge

Refresh & Revitalize

Delta Dental of Missouri’s (DDOM) Land of Smiles® is an elementary school program that teaches children about the essentials of dental health. First, children view a live show at their school, and teachers receive classroom videos and activities to share afterwards. DDOM wanted to refresh this program to make it more relevant and appealing for today’s students. They needed help revitalizing their existing animated characters, adding new ones, and creating videos with new stories and plots to engage students. At the same time, they wanted to retain and communicate solid factual content about maintaining dental health.


Animated Content for Communication

For this project, Lion Forge Labs created an animated series of six 5-minute  episodes. We crafted new storylines and plots for the educational series, while retaining the original topics and educational elements. To ensure the work was on track for its target audience, we arranged for elementary school age student focus groups to test levels of engagement. The new program introduced the contemporary animated Tooth Wizard, Tooth Fairy and PlaqueMan characters, like those found on current kids’ TV programming, to better engage young audiences.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Work With Us

A Fresh Approach to Essential Health Information

We updated and modernized both characters and story to continue Delta Dental’s legacy of entertaining educational content. Students who are more engaged in the learning process will retain more of the information presented. In fact, student surveys show a 34% increase in their good oral health behavior and knowledge after exposure to the materials. 

90,000 Children Served

Our animated series is viewed by over 90,0000 children in four different states to help drive home the fundamentals of good oral health. Since students watch these videos after viewing a live performance, facts and habits presented in the skits are retained after viewing similar material in a different format. Children are deeply interested in the programming we created, with characters that are culturally diverse to reflect all children served.

Final Thoughts

From our Audience

“It didn’t even seem like they were teaching us something. It was just like watching a show!”

– 8-Year-Old Focus Group Participant

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