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Carlos Finds His


PGA Junior League

The Challenge

Busting a Myth

Golf can be intimidating, especially for those just entering the sport. The PGA of America challenged Labs to create a campaign to help introduce PGA Jr. League (PGAJL) to new and prospective participants and to enhance the approachability of golf as a team sport for both kids and teens.

By conveying a story that centered around golf, Labs emphasizes creating a teambuilding environment that is welcoming and inclusive for golfers at any skill level. Additionally, explaining the rules of the game in a fun and memorable way, promote the inclusive and social aspects of the game, and dispel myths around the world of golf.

The Approach

Finding Their Game

Our story focuses on Carlos, an amateur Bigfoot hunter, who has tracked Bigfoot to a golf course. Carlos must go undercover in the PGAJL to find more clues to prove the big guy does exist. Carlos is interested in sports, but he is much more concerned with his mission to find bigfoot. However, during his investigation, Carlos and his friends uncover the misconceptions of golf and may an encounter with Bigfoot himself.

Bigfoot represents the intimidating nature of golf and the player’s lack of confidence in technical aptitude. As our characters become more proficient in their play and realize they are stronger as a team, Bigfoot (or golf) becomes more playful and less intimidating.

Labs created a four-minute animation with an engaging story to showcase the social aspects of the league. Creating a cast of six, diverse characters to convey the inclusivity of the sport, this animation features a high-level view of the rules of the game while dispelling myths around golf.

The printed Game Guide is a 32-page interactive book for players to enjoy on and off the course. This Game Guide reduces the Official Conditions of Play rules in a digestible and engaging book around general course knowledge, gameplay and safety through comics and activities.

Lion Forge Labs also developed whiteboard modules that are informative tools for parents, coaches and captains learn about the program, open enrollment, parent and coach testimonials, and supporting statics through visual narratives.

PGA Junior League Map

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“Want to send a quick note of gratitude for the tremendous amount of time, effort, and expertise that went into creating this cartoon. Given how outside the box something like this is for the PGA of America, we’re using it as an example of how we can be a more innovative and consumer-first company.”

– Steve Tanner, Director, League Golf, PGA of America

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