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for Kids

St. Louis Arc

The Challenge

Communicate the Unfamiliar

St. Louis Arc (SLA) provides extensive services, such as physical and occupational therapy, that help children with disabilities in all aspects of their lives, both at home and at school.

Because SLA services are complex, and often involve terms unfamiliar to lay people, they wanted to simplify their messaging while demonstrate the value they deliver.


Digestible Donor Content

LFL introduced four Superhero characters: Walk, Talk, Read, and Write to help personify how St. Louis Arc’s therapy services enhance kids’ abilities.

The four characters were used to create animated stories and comic book-style communications to present the information to donors and other core audiences in a fresh and engaging way.



Dynamic Applications

The Superhero theme had natural extensions, such as a new annual fundraising event, including “Walk, Talk, Read and Write” costume characters, and even an annual volunteer award called “Superhero for Kids.”

Quantifiable Donations

With an event with 400 guests assembled to benefit the St. Louis Arc, the 2018 Superheroes for Kids event raised more than $275,000 for Arc programs. The Superheroes for Kids campaign materials and animation videos are still in use to this day.

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Final Thoughts

Client Testimonial

“The Lion Forge team helped bring our complex world to life in a way that made it meaningful and easy to convey.”

–  John Taylor, VP of Advancement, St. Louis Arc

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