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Comics, animation, and gaming have the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and much more. We create visual storytelling that deliver key facts and an emotional connection in a fun, highly memorable way.

We are Lion Forge Labs.



Innovative Storytelling through Comics, Animation, & Gaming

The human mind is hardwired for good stories. It's how each one of us interprets meaning.

By tapping into everything that a story has to offer, we are able to create clear explanations of information in a highly entertaining matter. Told the right way, a good story can explain anything.

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Brand Communication

Our approach begins with your story. We are a mighty team of curious and diverse people, and we’re curious about your brand’s story. What makes it special? What drives your brand’s passion? We’ve spent the last three years learning about businesses. Large and small. Old and new. At home and abroad. Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into a storytelling product that can connect with your consumers in a fun, memorable way.

How It's Made

Our Storytelling Process

Story Planning

Working together to plan the foundation for your story, we identify the "whys" behind your brand. Including how to approach the narrative, design, and how to measure results. We learn what inspires you, so it can inspire us!

Story Telling

Through collaboration, we design the look, feel, and dynamics of your story. As well as the narrative itself, in a manner that conveys your vision.

The Ah-Ha Moment

Eureka! From here, the story and vision should come together, making an authentic narrative. Remember, amazing things come from experimentation.

Story Creation

Empowered with the story plan, approved characters, script, and other production elements, this is where our team brings life to your vision.

Story Delivery

We deliver your animation, comic, or game with the knowledge that we collaboratively have provided a story that is not only a great representation of your brand, but the intended messaging is received by your audience.


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