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Comics, animation, and gaming have the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and much more. We create visual storytelling that deliver key facts and an emotional connection in a fun, highly memorable way.

We are Lion Forge Labs.

Our Process in Animation

A well-defined, effective and adaptable process is essential to the success of just about everything we do – including animation.

Not unlike a science lab, the team at Lion Forge Labs tested different variations of formulas (with little-to-no explosions) and found a process solution that fits us like a glove. Our approach is slightly different than a traditional agency, that’s why we put together a quick guide that covers the Lion Forge Labs animation process and what our clients can expect during each phase. There are seven steps in our animation process, so let’s jump in:

1) Briefing and Story Planning

We sit with you and ask a lot of questions, listen and develop the best understanding of your brand. Together we identify the “whys” behind your brand, define key objectives and goals as well as the tone of your messaging. This is the co-creation phase of the process.

In this stage, we identify the project’s objectives, target audience, deliverables, deadlines, and budget information. These items will play an important role in the development of your script and mood boards.

2) Scripting and storytelling

Using our team of professional writers, we collaborate with you to develop your unique story and craft your specific messaging. There’s a science to storytelling. Based on your key objectives, we craft your story using proven storytelling techniques used in Hollywood, television, new media and others. Storytelling has proven results; cognitive psychologist, Jerome Bruner, suggests humans are twenty-two times more likely to remember a fact when it’s wrapped in a story.

Lion Forge Labs believes your brand can be enhanced by storytelling. That’s why we are passionate about what we do. You’ll always have control of your story. The story approval will be your first major sign-off in pre-production.


3) Treatment and Visualization.

This is where you will start to see it all come together. Our team provides you a mood board (parallel to your brand guidelines) which will allow a glimpse into what your animation will look like.

The mood board showcases the design of the animation and the character style. This is often when we witness the Ah-ha moment from our clients. This phase is where you truly begin to see the power of your vision come together and the makings of an authentic narrative.

4) Voice over

We find the perfect voice to guide your brand story to the world. Whether you need help finding an ideal voice, need guidance or if you have someone specific in mind- we’ve got you covered.

5) Animation and Story Creation

By the time the project has reached this phase, your team has signed-off on all previous steps. Empowered with a story plan, characters, and script our team works to bring your vision life.

Depending on the length and complexity of the animation, this phase can take several weeks to complete. Don’t worry, we have already set and agreed to a timeline for project deliverables and we will be in communication every step of the way.


6) Audio and Compositing
Any pre-determined sound effects, music, or additional clips is now composited in a fully-sequenced story.

7) Sign off and Story Delivery

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Our team will deliver your project with the confidence that we’ve provided a great animation, representative of your messaging goals and in a medium that will connect your brand to its target audience.
We are a team of creative individuals- not process engineers-so we knew it was important to take the time to define what was most effective for our team and what steps brought us the best results and storytelling acumen possible.

With this process, animation is a flexible storytelling tool that earns high-levels of audience engagement and message retention in a highly-memorable way. Whether you are trying to humanize, educate, or promote your brand consider animation as your next project.

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